The Ghost Series is one of the first projects where I began to capture images with the HOLGA camera. It was first introduced by my college mentor, Paul Karabinis, Associate Professor of Photography at the University of North Florida, during a course called “Alternative Processing”. One thing that stuck in my mind from PK , was the one phrase he often used during my photo years; “Show me something I haven’t seen before”. Those were strong words that really pushed me to go beyond capturing images that were more than just, what he called, ”Snapshots”. He is still the most influential teacher even now years after my graduation. Paul discovered that there was something special about my HOLGA images. It gave me the confidence to keep working with this plastic toy camera. Now, many of my HOLGA images had been selected and exhibited in shows nationwide. It is an honor to have been given the opportunity to study with him and I am very grateful for that.

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